Welcome to Fishbowls Review

Welcome to Fishbowls Review: news, reviews, and miscellaneous clickbait from different corners of the Internet. A site for you to largely kill time and maybe come away with a sliver of knowledge. Here you’ll read takes of movies, TV shows, books, and current events that are hot, cold, mild, and various degrees of shitty; written by those kids who have been told they tweet too much, so they try their hand at real world discussions, then get told to stick to tweeting. Fishbowls is that sweet middle ground. Analytical dissertations meeting dick jokes halfway to bang. It’s where Beethoven’s 5th is on the same playlist as Limp Bizkit. The pendulum may swing from the justifiably serious to the decidedly not but will always be where we believe it needs to be.

Sometimes we’ll be right, sometimes wrong, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. As long as we’re catching your interest long enough to offset our collectively shrinking attention span, that’s a win. To paraphrase Dave Chappelle, ripping cigs on stage: we didn’t come here to be right, we came here to fuck around.

The formats of our featured reviews and articles will evolve as time goes on and we will always be open to feedback of what can be improved. Stroke our egos if you love it and roast us off the planet if you don’t. You’ll only marginally hurt our feelings but we’ll bounce back.

If this floats your boat and you want to keep going down this river, click away and enjoy. Welcome, again, to Fishbowls.

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